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Sculpture Making Workshop

1 days | 5h total | English
Take part in this sculpture making 1-day workshop with me. In this workshop you will learn the basic techniques of handbilding sculpture making, and mine favorite tricks that I uses for her my own sculptures, so that in the end you will make a completely new, original sculpture that fits your initial idea.

On the 1st day you will learn different ceramic handbuilding techniques such as slab building, coiling and pinching and on the 2nd day you finalize the sculpture you made on the 1st day by learning glazing techniques. You can come up with a concept of what sculpture you would like to make before-hand and then learn how to make it during the workshop.

There will be a maximum of 4 participants per class.

Your sculpture will be ready to pick up 2 weeks after the last class.
12h to 18h | 6h total
Day 1 will be all about the creation of your sculpture. We'll start talking about your initial concept and then you'll learn handbuilding techniques such as slab building, coiling and pinching. After that you'll have around 4h to get into practice and create your sculpture before the snack and tea pause. During the last part of Day 1 you'll be introduced to Engobes, one of the main materials used to color ceramic sculptures.
12h to 14h | 2h total
On Day 2 we'll start by giving the final touches to your sculpture. You may want to sand your piece, trim a little bit, and you'll have time to do that before we head into Glazing, which is another colouring technique vastly used in ceramics that turns your sculpture into a glass-like piece after firing.