Dear customers! Please note that all jewelry is made to order and ready to ship in approximately 4 weeks, please be aware of this before placing an order.

Tilda Publishing


Breadcrumbs is a small handcraft company selling jewellery, ceramic which are designed and crafted by me, Anja Tverdokhlebova. Those who are interested in my work usually look for "bread crumbs". This is the name of the bijouterie I make. It is connected to my surname (Tverdokhlebova in English means "hard bread").
I'm originally from Russia, but the last few years I live and works in Berlin. I'm a big fan of illustration and also worked as a children's book illustrator for some time, so this can be seen in my work.
Characters of my illustrations are somehow descending from the pages of the books in the form of moving little people and marvellous flowers , and clay turning into flying animals. I like to try new techniques and materials, but the favorite one, without a doubt , is brass.